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Basics of Vastu Shastra for Home: Best Vaastu Tips 2022

Your home is a space for yourself and it is imperative that you fill it with positive energy so that you thrive. According to numerous traditional beliefs that are centuries old, each house comes with its own energy type – all you need is to tap into it. This is where the art of ‘Vastu Shastra’  or the ‘science of architecture’ comes into being. Following Vastu shastra for home is a simple process that can bring harmony into your home.

What is Vastu Shastra?

It is a science that lays down the guidelines for the construction of a home.These basics of vastu for home pertain to areas such as layout, design, space arrangement, measurements, directional alignments etc.

As per Vastu, when a home is in tune with underlying cosmic principles, they come as a part of a basic structure of the universe and vibrate in tandem with it. Here are some Vastu tips for home that can help you along your way.

The Doorway –  Vastu for home entrance

The main door is an entry point for energy. As per Vastu directions, the main door should face the north, east or north-east direction.

It should also be constructed with the highest quality of wood and should draw attention.

Make sure the entrance is well lit and avoid putting garbage bags, shoe racks or broken objects to ensure good vastu for the house

Vastu for your kitchen 

Kitchen is a very important part of your home and a vastu plan for it will ensure that positivity reigns in that space. According to the principles of Vastu, the elements of earth, fire, water and sky need to be in a proper balance.

All the ‘fire’ sources such as gas, stove, ovens etc should be in the south-east direction of the kitchen, this will ensure positive energy.

The ‘water’ elements like taps, water pipes and drain should be in the north or north east direction of the kitchen.

Apart from this, another vastu tip is to have outlets of air for ventilation like exhaust fans and windows, this should be in the east direction.

Vastu tips for your Bedroom 

Making sure that the principles of Vaastu are in harmony in your bedroom is said to boost energy and even the relationship between couples and most importantly to ensure a restful sleep.

The vastu directions for your bedroom should be in the south-west as it hails prosperity and good health. The bed should be placed in the south-west direction of the bedroom and your head should face the west.

Avoid painting your walls with dark colours, instead go for neutral or earthy shades that bring in balance. Another vastu tip is to avoid placing a television in front of your bed as it causes quarrels. 

Vastu plan for your living area

Your living room is a space full of energy, it is a place where a family spends most of its time together and it’s important to make it vastu-compliant. Where you place your furniture in the living area is another crucial factor, make sure that heavy sofa sets face the west or south west direction.

The electric appliances should be installed in the south-east part of the living room and if you have a dining area then the vastu directions would be southeast of your living area space.

The right colour scheme plays a major role in determining the energy of your living room, use lighter shades like white, beige etc and strike the right balance with your furnishing.

Avoid using dark colours for your curtains and keep the area full of good and inviting energy, these are some basics of vastu for home. 

Your bathroom – some vastu tips

This is a space that you use daily – make sure it has a good flow of energy with vastu. The vastu directions of your bathroom should be in the north-west direction of your home.

We suggest using a wooden door for your bathroom over a metal door. Your bathroom should not share a wall with other areas of the house home as such a bedroom, puja room or kitchen.

According to the vastu for home plan, the wash basin or shower should be in the east, north and north-east part of your bathroom. It’s imperative to notice the direction of the toilet seat, it should be in the west or north-west direction so that it promotes elimination of toxins from one’s body.

Again use light colours for this space and avoid dark colours.

Vastu tips for your Pooja room

Your Pooja room is a space for your spiritual growth and mental wellbeing and hence needs to be an abode of good energy.

The vastu direction for your mandir in the house should be the north-east. While offering prayer vastu shastra for home suggests that you face the north or east.

As per vastu directions, it’s best that the pooja room be built on the ground floor and it should be constructed under a staircase or have an adjoining wall to your bathroom. Another vastu tip is that the idol should not face another or the door and should instead face the north-east direction.

The doors and windows of this room should open out to the north or east. When it comes to selecting the wall colours and flooring, opt for serene tones like light blue, white or pale yellow and for the floor use white marble for maximum reflection and brighter surroundings.

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