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10 Different Types of Houses in India

Different types of houses in india

We live in a land of diverse cultures and this reflects in the different types of houses found in India. Every community that resides in this ‘melting pot’ has its own distinct lifestyle, aesthetics and vision which creates houses across India that have their own uniqueness and beauty.

The factors that affect the different types of houses in India range from climatic conditions, geography of that area, financial status and the most important thing – the culture of its people.

We’ve shortlisted “10 different types of houses” found in India that might inspire you in your journey towards your dream home.


These are mostly one-story homes that are spacious in size and used as a solitary family unit. These are mostly found in urban parts of India where there is no shortage of land.

The architecture of these houses is slowly incorporating modern amenities for a richer lifestyle. There is a larger scope of extension of these homes and also provides more privacy to those who live here.

Ikra house or the Assam type house

types of houses - assam type house

This type of houses are common throughout Northeast India and are most used for residential purposes. The Assam type house is made with lightweight locally made materials like bamboo, wooden planks, thatch etc. Bamboo or red mesh is locally called ‘Ikra’, where the name stems from.

Another fascinating fact about the Assam type house is that it can withstand tremors caused by earthquakes in this region and are built on both flat and sloped terrain.

The different kinds of houses in Sikkim as well use natural materials like Bamboo and come under the same category. The types of houses in Nagaland can use local materials that are good insulators and keep the house warm, these are also known as tribal houses.

Traditional Houses

types of houses - traditional house

The different types of houses in India also include traditional architecture that is built with locally sourced materials as they are economical and suit the climatic conditions of that place.

For example the different kinds of houses in Kerala use materials that are derived from nature. You will find that these houses use stone, wood and clay as their primary materials. They also have a steep roof that can withstand heavy rains along with large courtyards and gable windows.

The types of houses in Meghalaya also use materials such as stone masonry and thatch to deal with heavy rainfall.


For those Indians that are seeking luxury real estate, penthouses have become very common in the country. These offer more privacy as compared to other houses, provide an unobstructed view of the surroundings and also ample sunlight.

The layout of penthouses are very different as it includes amenities such as a swimming pool, gymnasium etc with the help of private elevators.



These are somewhat similar to an apartment unit but works on a different model of ownership. ‘Condos’ are individually owned units in a building unlike a rented apartment.

If you own one then you are responsible to pay a monthly fee collected by the association of that condo. This association then manages all the exterior and common areas. They are more affordable and require less maintenance.

Hill houses

types of houses - houses on hills

The types of houses in Uttrakhand still practice traditional construction methods, some follow the famous ‘kath-kuni’ technique. This term is derived from two words, ‘kath’ meaning wood and ‘kona’ meaning corner.

The resilience of these structures lie in flexibility of dry masonry and alternate layers of wooden beams that do not include any cement.

The types of houses in Himachal Pradesh are weather friendly, visually stunning with pent-and-gable slate shingles roofs and traditional carvings. They are a symbol of architectural heritage and remain stable for years!



These architectural pieces speak the language of magnificence and captivate all those who visit it. The Royal Palace of Mysore for example resonated with the splendour of the Maharajas and was a mix of Hindu, Gothic and Rajput architectural styles.

The structure is built from pure grey granite and has beautiful roof artwork, arches and pillars. Most of them are now tourist attractions and represent Indian heritage.

Kutcha Houses

types of houses - kutcha house

These are known to be the first kinds of houses built by humans. Kutcha houses were made of whatever was available around that area – muds, straws, dried leaves and wood.

They can be enthused from one place to another and are mostly found in rural parts of India. They cannot withstand natural calamities and have very few amenities.


types of houses - duplex

Many people think that Duplexes are two-storey homes but that’s not true. This type of house is constructed on two floors or two units.

These units can either be next to each other or stacked on top of each other. Each unit has an individual entrance and there is no interior connection between these two units.

But what is the difference between a duplex and an apartment?

The difference between these two houses in India lies primarily in two things – ownership and the number of units. While a duplex can be owned by a single person, apartments are owned by a group of people – this can be housing society or cooperation. The other difference is that while duplexes are two units with separate entries, an apartment can have multiple units.

If you are one of those who’s planning to build your own house, you must know modern house designs before building your dream home.


types of houses -  farmhouse

The lush greenery, spacious land and luxurious amenities – we all dream to own one. A farmhouse is a property in an agricultural landscape which has a great real estate value.

For some it can be a vacation home for a quick getaway or can also be used for rental income. They’re spread across different parts of India and are sometimes constructed by renowned architects from across the globe.

Now that we have touched upon some famous types, which of these different kinds of houses in India are you inspired by for your next home? You can tell us in the comments section below!

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